On this page, we give you an overview of some of the weekly programmes that we offer in our centre

Islamic Lectures

We have managed to offer weekly Islamic Lectures on various topics which deal with extremism, behaviour and manners, learning the correct teachings of Islam according to the teachings of the Qur’an and the way of our Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him). These classes have attracted up to 150 participants of young and old and both genders. The youth also have the opportunities for a question and answer sessions at the end of each lecture.

Friday Night Programme for Brothers

This programme has been taking place for just over two years now on Friday evenings at our Centre and it is aimed at young men aged 16-25 years. The young men engage in several activities/programmes; they socialise with their fellow peers from the local area, take part in active discussions on current topics such as education, employment, social problems and they also share their ideas with us on what types of activities/programmes they would like us to introduce for them. We also from time to time, invite local elders, Islamic scholars, professionals and other successful young men to give them advice ranging from education, careers, social and general advice.

Sisters Circle

Sister’s Circle was created with the intention of giving young women between 16-20 years old somewhere to spend their time and it is held on Saturday afternoons at our Centre. These individuals mostly have nowhere to spend their free time and thus are likely to end up getting caught in doing activities which should otherwise be avoided. This is where Sister’s Circle comes in; providing a welcoming place for them to spend their time, where they can be assured and guided within the Masjid.

Sister’ Circle has currently been running for over a year now and has at least 20 participants at each session, the numbers of which are increasing by every week. InshaAllah (Allah’s will) with time we hope that Sister’s Circle becomes well known and beneficial within the community.

Boys Football

A total of around twenty-five young men, aged 16-19 years old, attend regular football sessions at a local sports centre on Saturday afternoons for two hours. The young men enjoy a relaxed environment where they take part in light training sessions and matches. They have now been attending almost two years and we have played in several competitions. Playing football would allow them to keep healthy and fit as well as providing the opportunity to learn new skills, socialise with their peers and build team-working skills.