Prayer Times



OFFICIAL: Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia announces 1st day of Ramadan 1442 will be Tuesday 13 April 2021.


“The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for mankind…”[ 2:185]


We will begin Taraweeh tonight straight after Isha Prayer at 21:30.



The Masjid will open 10mins before each Salah and close straight after. The Masjid will be closed after Taraweeh until Fajr.

  • Do not come to the Masjid if you are feeling sick.
  • Facemasks must be worn at all times. Entry without it will not be permitted.
  • You must keep social distancing at all times (1m+).
  • Limited spaces. First come first served. No sisters, no children under 12s and no over 65s.
  • No wudu/toilet facilities available. Please make wudu at home.
  • Bring your own bag and keep your shoes with you at all times.
  • No access to Quran (Mushaf).
  • All Sunnah prayers must be prayed at home.
  • One-way system in operation at all times.


Please Note: NO I’tikaf this year.